Some older videos…

Sorry.  These were uploaded to youtube but we never posted them.  Here’s the youtube channel:

Osaka, Japan

DSCN0243Sarah’s friend from the boat tour

DSCN0255Some sushi pics here

DSCN0256 DSCN0257 DSCN0258

DSCN0260 Dotonburi mascot is this adorable catDSCN0261 DSCN0262 DSCN0264Pokemon shop in the airport

DSCN0268The Black Diamond from Burger King.  A burger with a black bun, black cheese, and black sauce.  All made from squid ink.


FSCN0238 FSCN0240 FSCN0242 FSCN0244 FSCN0245 FSCN0250DSCN0178 DSCN0181 DSCN0183Some arcade fun


DSCN0188 Skill game at the arcade.  Difficult to actually win anything.DSCN0193

DSCN0196Eating some Takoyaki…octopus balls (not testicles)

DSCN0197 DSCN0201 DSCN0207 DSCN0212 DSCN0213Here’s the Dotonburi mascot again.