The Angles

So, we’ve been in LA about two months now.  It’s not bad here.  No rain, kind of hot…everyone seems to have a car alarm that goes off at random times during the day.  There’s Mexican guys pushing around ice cream carts honking clown horns.  It’s different.


Here’s a little snapshot from our cross-country drive through the US to get to LA.  I can’t remember where this is.  New Mexico maybe.  Also,don’t go to Arkansas.

wpid-wp-1426454495195.jpeg wpid-wp-1426454503259.jpeg
These are some snapshots of my office.  It this new shared-space crap that’s popular.  It’s not so good.


So, we leave Korea and what do we do in LA?  The first thing we go out and eat (aside from Sizzler!) is – you guessed it – Korean food.


bonus: Talyuda.  Mexican pizza or something.  Place next door to our apartment sells stuff like this.

X-mas in Thighland

So, Korea.  It’s done.  In the past.  Behind us.

I left for good on the 23rd of December.  Settling affairs in Korea was (predictably) a clusterf*ck.  Everyone was late, grossly unprepared, and pretty intolerable.  A good farewell gift.  I spent the night of the 22nd in Incheon Intnl Airport.  All in all, it was a pretty cool experience.  I think that airport deserves all the praise it gets.  I had decided before to go and visit Sarah in Thailand.  Emily had done it previously at the beginning of the month, and now it was my turn.  The flight was pretty great.  Fliying to mainland China is a trip…I got through customs at BKK just in time for Sarah to zip over and meet me after she got off work.  Everything went swimmingly.  I took her out to buy her some (insanely cheap) home appliances for x-mas.  We spent the spent our days drinking and nights walking through sticky markets, smoking, and eating street-meat of questionable provenance.

Below is the view from the balcony on Sarah’s apartment.  Nice place – quiet, cozy, sunny.


Over Christmas Sarah and I traveled to a town called Kanchanaburi.  It’s known for the “Death Railroad” – a railroad built by forced Thai labor and immortalized in The Bridge Over the River Kwai.

Leaving was the worst – especially after coming from gloomy, freezing-cold Korea.  But, we said our goodbyes and I headed back home to Tennessee (via mainland China again for some reason).

DSCN0425 DSCN0423